• Financing assistance: helping to secure funding from investors or government bodies.
    • Advise on how best to structure and set up international co-productions in order to maximise local production incentives while protecting the creative integrity of the project
    • Advising companies on their potential expansion plans and strategies, and how best to establish themselves in local emerging territories (China, Brazil, Korea) or established/subsidy rich local territories (France, UK, Germany)

    • Advise on negotiations at all levels of the production (chain of title, development deals, director’s deals, talent deals, …), finance (co-finance agreement, bank closing) and distribution process (acquisitions, negative pick up) as well as with any slate funding deals, or co-production agreements.

    • Advise clients on the best negotiation strategies and approach when dealing with difficult counterparts or a party with very different practices due to their cultural differences

    • Corporate: Negotiating and papering critical development slate deal, output deals, joint venture with partners;

      Establishing in-house procedures to facilitate the flow of information between the business affairs department and the other departments of the company (marketing, finance, accounting, …)

      Film Finance: Negotiating and closing of multi million bank/equity finance deals from the legal/business perspective for all IM Global productions. Working closely with the bank/equity bond company’s lawyers; 

  • Talent recruitment: Script analysis and development: helping to fine-tune the script and create a compelling storyline that people that usually don’t read, will read
    •  casting actors, hiring crew members, and sourcing locations.
  • Pre-production services: budgeting, scheduling, and coordinating logistics.
  • Post-production services: editing, visual effects, sound design, and music scoring.
  • Production/Distribution: Negotiating, structuring and papering all major deals related to the production, finance, and distribution: financing agreement, interparty agreements, co-productions, underlying rights acquisitions, above the line talent deals, sales agency agreements, domestic distribution deals, distribution agreements with the major international distributors;
  • Sales and distribution: finding distribution channels, negotiating contracts, and marketing the film.
  • Legal and business affairs: ensuring contracts are properly structured, helping with insurance, and providing legal advice.
  • Marketing and promotion: creating a marketing plan, producing promotional materials, and running advertising campaigns.
  • Festival strategy: assisting in the submission process to festivals, handling travel arrangements, and arranging screenings.