Stone Junction is boutique company for producers and filmmakers! We specialize in providing expert support in all aspects of feature film production, sales, and acquisitions, with a focus on business affairs, legal, and financial matters. Our team brings extensive experience in the film industry, and we pride ourselves on being problem solvers who can handle complex negotiations with ease.

One of our key strengths is our expertise in international co-productions structures, spanning the US. Europe, China, Australia, Japan, and beyond. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with working across borders, and we can help you navigate the complexities of international partnerships and funding arrangements.

We also have in-depth knowledge of investment funds that are available to support film production. We can advise you on the most appropriate funding sources for your project, and help you to prepare successful applications that meet the requirements of the funding bodies.

At our boutique company, we build strong and collaborative working relationships with our clients, tailoring to meet your specific needs. We understand that film production can be a high-pressure environment, and whether you are a seasoned producer or filmmaker, or you are just starting out in the industry, our team has the expertise, experience, and dedication to help you navigate the complex world of film production, sales, and acquisitions


Florence Larsonneur is an accomplished senior executive with over a decade of experience in the film industry. She is currently serving as the Senior Vice President of Business Affairs and Co-Productions and Head of Business Affairs at Stone Junction inc., in Los Angeles. In this role, she reports directly to the CEO and Founder and oversees the Business Affairs and Legal Department.

Florence Larsonneur’s professional experiences include senior positions at several major entertainment companies. She worked at IM Global, LLC in Los Angeles as the Senior Vice President of Business Affairs and Co-Productions. At IM Global, she was responsible for the negotiation and closing of multi-million bank/equity finance deals for all IM Global productions, as well as negotiating critical development slate deals and joint ventures with partners in Mexico and China. During her tenure at IM Global, Florence has been responsible for negotiating and finalizing critical development slate deals, output deals, and joint ventures with partners in Mexico. She has also successfully closed multi-million-dollar bank and equity finance deals from the legal and business perspective for all IM Global productions, while working closely with the bank and equity bond company’s lawyers. Additionally, Florence has been responsible for structuring and negotiating all major deals related to production, finance, and distribution, including financing agreements, inter-party agreements, co-productions, underlying rights acquisitions, above-the-line talent deals, sales agency agreements, domestic distribution deals, and distribution agreements with major international distributors. She has also been instrumental in structuring international co-productions in the UK and Germany.

Prior to that, Florence was the Vice President of Business Affairs and Head of Business Affairs for Fox International Productions, Inc. from June 2008 to May 2012. In this role, she was responsible for negotiating main co-production and finance agreements for high profile deals worldwide, managing the relationship with local subsidy and government boards, and setting up and overseeing the division’s business structure in each local territory. During her tenure, she was responsible for negotiating high-profile co-production and finance agreements worldwide, managing the relationship with the local subsidy and government boards to maximize its ability to secure local subsidies/tax credits, and directing and mentoring a team of two senior attorneys in LA and twelve local business affairs executives in each of Fox International Production’s target territories around the world.

Florence’s achievements at Fox International Productions are remarkable, as she helped to produce and release 17 films in 12 different countries, with 15 of them being profitable within two months of their initial theatrical release. The remaining two broke even after their initial video release. Her accomplishments were recognized by the head of the censorship board in China, who said, “If you want to know how to make successful co-productions in China, look at what Fox International Productions is doing.”

Florence’s extensive experience in the film industry, combined with her great adaptability, ease of relationship, and ability to work efficiently under pressure, make her a valuable asset to any production or entertainment company.


Ric Amurrio, a seasoned professional in the music and entertainment industry, began his career as a singer-songwriter known as Bravo Johnson. After a successful stint in music, he worked with renowned companies such as Rough Trade, Matador, and XL Recordings before establishing his own company, Stone Junction Inc, in 2007.

Ric Amurrio is an expert in catalogues, licensing, and related services, who understands the importance of proper management and organization. Over the years, he has helped independent artists, record labels, and music publishers in protecting and maximizing the value of their musical assets. With extensive experience in the music industry, Ric has the knowledge and expertise to help clients with music rights management, copyright protection, licensing agreements, and royalty collections. His ultimate goal is to help clients navigate the complex landscape of the music business so that they can focus on what they do best – creating music.

Throughout his career, Amurrio has been involved in a variety of roles, including evaluating new IP for project development, cultivating and maintaining talent relationships, collaborating with talent, and external producers to develop creative materials.

As the brand ambassador for Stone Junction, Ric attends festivals and events to cultivate relationships with film companies, filmmakers, and industry personnel. With his expertise in music licensing, he also advises clients on the proper use of music in their films, including obtaining the necessary licenses and permissions. Ric specializes in international co-production structures and local language films, and provides counsel to clients on overcoming cultural differences that may cause negotiation impasses. Additionally, he optimizes production budgets by reducing costs and accessing soft money, tax credits, and subsidies.